Where can we find your pops?

Our pops are found year-round in our retail store in Wallingford Seattle. We are also at various farmers markets in the Seattle neighborhoods in the summertime. Please visit our location page to learn more.

What is your favorite Flavor?

We get this question ALL the Time! Honestly, it changes for most of us, but there are some all-time favorites...

Megan's: Lilikoi & Vanilla Bean Dipped in Dark Chocolate with Sprinkles

Lindsey's: Mexican Chocolate & Rhubarb

Suzie's: Coconut Chocolate Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Visit our store to see all of Seattle Pops' Team Members Favorite Flavors!

What are your pops made of?

Our Fruity Pops are 100% Vegan, made with the real fruit (mostly organic and local to the state of Washington), sweetened with organic cane sugar, and water. Our Creamy pops are made with a dairy base (cream, milk, non-gmo cane sugar and a few organic stabilizers). The dairy is from Smith Brothers in Kent, WA. To our base, we add fresh fruits, spices, and other natural ingredients depending on the flavor.

Are your Pops allergen friendly? 

Nearly All of Our Pops do not contain gluten, nuts, egg, or shellfish. Chocolate & Vanilla Brownie are made with a homemade brownie, which contains Egg & Gluten. our FACILITY will always have dairy. Due to having multiple suppliers that cross paths with many other businesses: it is possible to have cross CONTAMINATION with nuts, egg, Gluten & SHELLFISH in our product and store. We do have a graham cracker topping at our toppings station, which does contain gluten. If you have a severe allergy, we recommend emailing us to ask more specific questions. (info@seattlepops.com)

How many calories are your pops?

We do not have specific nutritional information on each flavor, but can offer a range:

Fruity Pops: 60 calories - 150 calories

Creamy Pops: 175 - 300 calories

Where can we expect Seattle Pops Next?

Who Knows! We are open to expanding into new territories, please let us know where you would like to see Seattle Pops and one day we might be there!

What is the minimum for catering?

Minimum for catering with our cart is 100 pops, it increases to 200 pops on the weekends in the summer (May - September).

How can we keep pops frozen to take to a party or picnic?

  1. You can bring in your own cooler to fill with pops at our farmers markets or store. If you let us know ahead of time, we can have some dry ice for you, which will keep them frozen for up to 8 hours. Please give us a 2 day notice for orders of 24 pops or more.

  2. Fill out our form here and mention you would like your order packed in a cooler with dry ice. You place your order and we do all the work!