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Welcome To Seattle Pops!

Visit our Store in Wallingford at 1401 N 45th St Seattle, WA 98103

Open Noon - 10pm


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Our Story

Seattle Pops is owned and operated by a Seattle family: Dave, Lindsey, Suzie & Megan. 

The idea of Seattle Pops began when Megan made an impromptu move to Birmingham, Alabama after graduating college. One day, Megan's friend Meredith said: "We are going to Steel City Pops! They sell popsicles!" Megan had never heard of a shop selling all pops. When they arrived, she instantly fell in love and knew Seattle would too! Megan began planning how to bring this back to Seattle. We spent countless hours in the kitchen, on the computer, working with local business students from the University of Puget Sound, and visiting all neighborhoods of the city... two years later, after a lot of hard work and planning, Seattle Pops was born! Our first test to the Seattle Market was a freezer stand with neon Popsicle signs at the Phinneywood Block Party in 2013. After receiving amazing responses, we decided to go full force, applying to local farmers markets for our first season in 2014, and we haven't looked back since!

we strive to ensure every customer leaves with a smile on their face. to achieve this, we believe in: strong customer service, providing a quality product, and a happy environment. if you are ever dissatisfied with your seattle pops EXPERIENCE, please contact us

we look forward to meeting you one day!

-Seattle Pops Family


our mission

We strive to ensure every customer leaves with a smile on their face! 

We accomplish this by: executing EXCELLENT customer service, providing a high QUALITY product, and creating a happy environment for CUSTOMERS and team members.



Handmade in Seattle, Washington

Seattle Pops are inspired by the traditional Mexican Paleta, which come in two varieties: Fruit Based & Milk Based. after much research and recipe testing, we have created our own paletas, which we refer to as Seattle Pops! our pops are minimal in ingredients and bursting with flavor! We achieve this by using seasonal, fresh, and local ingredients. Our Pops never have artificial flavors or coloring. We use real Organic-cane sugar in our pops, (we never use high fructose corn syrup). Seattle Pops Truly are ALL-NATURAL and as fresh as we can get them!

Our Fruity Pops are 100% Vegan.

Our creamy pops are Milk Based.

All of our Pops are Gluten Free.

If you have any questions about our ingredients please email us!


Below is a list of our current menu:

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Fruity Flavors:

Zesty Lime

[fresh lime juice. water. organic cane sugar. lime zest]

Very Strawberry

[organic strawberries. water. organic cane sugar. lemon juice]


[guava. water. organic cane sugar. lime juice]

Lilikoi *Passion Fruit*

[passion fruit. water. organic cane sugar]

Blackberry ginger *seasonal*

[organic blackberries. fresh ginger. fresh lemon juice. water. organic cane sugar]

strawberry lemonade *Seasonal*

[organic strawberries. lemon juice. water. organic cane sugar]

Mango ChilE 

[organic mango. water. organic cane sugar. lime juice. ancho chile. salt. cayenne pepper]

Watermelon *seasonal*

[fresh watermelon. water. organic cane sugar. lime juice]

strawberry Banana - No Added Sugar

[organic strawberries. organic bananas. water. lemon juice]

Strawberry Basil *seasonal*

[organic strawberries. water. organic cane sugar. lemon juice. organic basil]

Avocado *seasonal*

[avocado. water. organic cane sugar. lime juice.salt]

Creamy Flavors

Kona Coffee

[cream. milk. skim milk powder. non-gmo cane sugar. dark roast 100% kona coffee. plant-based stabilizers]

Chocolate Banana

[cream. milk. skim milk powder. non-gmo cane sugar. organic bananas. bittersweet chocolate. vanilla. plant-based stabilizers]

Coconut Cream

[cream. milk. skim milk powder. non-gmo cane sugar. toasted coconut. natural coconut extract. plant-based stabilizers]

Chocolate Fudge

[cream. milk. skim milk powder. non-gmo cane sugar. bittersweet chocolate. vanilla. plant-based stabilizers] - contains soy

strawberries and cream *Seasonal*

[organic strawberries. vanilla. cream. milk. skim milk powder. non-gmo cane sugar. plant-based stabilizers]

Matcha *Seasonal*

[cream. milk. skim milk powder. non-gmo cane sugar. organic matcha powder. vanilla. plant-based stabilizers]

Coconut Chocolate

[cream. milk. skim milk powder. non-gmo cane sugar. bittersweet chocolate. toasted coconut. natural coconut extract. plant-based stabilizers] - contains soy

Cinnamon Horchata

[cream. milk. skim milk powder. non-gmo cane sugar. cinnamon. vanilla. plant-based stabilizers]

Blueberries & cream *Seasonal*

[local organic blueberries. cream. milk. skim milk powder. vanilla. non-gmo cane sugar. plant-based stabilizers]

Vanilla Bean

[cream. milk. skim milk powder. non-gmo cane sugar. vanilla. vanilla bean. plant-based stabilizers]

Chocolate Dipping!

Dark Chocolate

[made with 70% theo dark chocolate, a delicious addition to any flavor]

White Chocolate

[made with creamy white chocolate from the santa barbara chocolate co. guaranteed to add an extra layer of sweet creaminess to any flavor]

Milk Chocolate

[made with creamy milk chocolate from the santa barbara chocolate co. guaranteed to add an extra layer of chocolate sweetness to any flavor]



rainbow Sprinkles

[naturally colored. rainbow sprinkles]

Toasted Coconut

[real coconut flakes. toasted to golden perfection]

Organic Graham Cracker

[organic graham cracker, add a bite of crunch to your pop! does contain gluten]

Caramel Drizzle

[locally made by jonboy caramels]





Visit our Retail Store in Wallingford

1401 N 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

Noon - 10 PM Everyday

summer: Fri & Sat Open until 11 pm

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Farmers Markets



Columbia City Farmers Market

3pm - 7pm


Wallingford Farmers Market

3pm - 7pm



Queen Anne Farmers Market

3pm - 7pm


Bellevue Farmers Market

3pm - 7pm



Phinney Ridge

3:30pm - 7:30pm



U District

9:00am - 2:00pm



9:00am - 2:00pm


Tacoma- Proctor

9:00am - 2:00pm



10:00am - 3:00pm




10:00am - 4:00pm


Mercer Island

10:00am - 3:00pm


West Seattle

10:00am - 2:00 pm



10:00am - 3:00pm


Lake Forest Park

10:00am - 3:00pm


Local Grocery Stores & More


Ballard Green Market

Bongos Restaurant

Central Co-Op

Eat Local- Cap Hill

Eat Local- Downtown

eat Local- Queen Anne

The Feed Store

Frolik Bar in the Motif Hotel

Magnuson Cafe & Brewery

Seattle Tennis Club - summer snack bar

Sno Isle Food Co Op

Sunset Hill Green Market

Take 5 Urban Market






Reserve our Catering Service

100 pop service minimum, 200 pop minimum on Saturday & Sunday

Includes Full Service from Seattle Pops (attendant passing out pops with the cart or booth setup, menu sign, napkins)

Email us to reserve the cart or Booth and choose your flavors: info@seattlepops.com

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Self-Serve ORder

24 pop minimum

Pops are packed in cardboard boxes 

Cooler and dry ice can be made available

Pick up at our store in Wallingford or at one of our markets


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